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《Premium Japanese Sake (日本酒) in Aluminum Can》KURA ONE® is a small-capacity aluminum can of sake that lets you taste the Japan's native. We have selected 720ml of representative brands from award-winning sake breweries and refilled them into 180ml aluminum cans of sake that can be consumed in one go. English and Roman characters, taste chart to understand the flavor before drinking, consistent label design, unbreakable/lightweight/100% UV-cut aluminum can container, available for order from 47 prefectures in Japan and over 100 countries around the world. Received the Gold Award as a representative souvenir of Japan and the Grand Gold Award as the most highly rated souvenir in the OMOTENASHI Selection (December 2023), evaluated by foreign experts (media editors, influencers, creators, embassies, etc.) from 15 countries living in Japan. Samples are available free of charge (for overseas, please pay for shipping). Please contact us if you have any questions!

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